Sunday, May 2, 2010

BS #1 in the RAIN

Well, the Muncie/Silver Rush Big Saturdays got off to a rather soggy start. Oh, there were definitely periods with little or no rain, but the other tasks I needed to take care of demanded my time and kept me from matching schedules with a clear sky.

The run started well and finished great. In lieu of the rain, I opted for the all-road version of my 13.2-mi training loop. This lollipop loop has 5 "climbs" separated by nearly constant rollers with a total of 560 vert ft of climbing. The first couple of miles came in right at 7 min, but I soon had to restrain myself as the next couple of miles came in sub-6:30. Sprinkles turned into a downpour at 50 minutes. The cool rain was refreshing in the muggy conditions, but it soaked my shoes within minutes. I finished the run in 1:30:00 with a 141 HR ave. This was a relaxed and enjoyable run.

The 40-mile bike (1:55 with HR ave 127) was my longest ride of the year. I sweated profusely and miserably, making sight seeing in the surrounding farm country most difficult. Unlike the burning eyes, the legs felt great throughout the ride.

Recovery included a movie, some great (almost no cheese) vegie pizza, and a couple of New Belgian Mothership Wit beers. Then I baked my awesome vegan oatmeal/blueberry cookies. Yummm! Life is good!

Seriously, I hope all of the BS's come this easy. I look forward to getting back into that Ultra mode with 3-5 hr runs followed by rides of equal duration.

Training Log Notes The year has been "normal" so far. Thru April I had run 310 miles (17 mpw @ 6:34 ave) and cycled 1342 miles (84 mpw @ 21.1 mph ave). The plan calls for significant changes as I move toward that tough week in July. ST

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