Sunday, June 6, 2010

BS #5 Stru Hill

The 5th BS actually happened today. I moved it due to other commitments and the fact that I wasted so much time at a 5K that the weather became unbearable. In short, it would have been stupid to attempt a multi-hour workout high winds and heat and humidity. What a great decision.

Today was beautiful. Still very windy, but the wind came from the north instead of the south. Thus, it was a cooler air mass and the temperature was 20 degrees lower. After testing the ankle, which I turned again running yesterday, I starting running up and down Stru Hill.

Stru Hill is on the USI campus. It winds 86 feet upward through a forest over a distance of nearly a quarter mile. Stru is what remains of an old farm road that led from a low field to a high field. The D2 school has twice hosted the cross country national championships on campus using this big hill. It was groomed before each event, with moderate smoothing and a fine chip white gravel. Each time that grooming eroded away during the first rain.

I actually wanted to start climbing Stru last week, but the ankle turn and the current highly eroded condition of the road kept me from venturing over there. Large #6 white rocks are exposed over the entire route, especially in the many s
all ditches that criss cross the trail. I've suffered several minor ankle turns on those rocks over the years, so I knew I had to be exceedingly careful today.

Well, I was careful and still turned that weak left ankle once. It wasn't a bad roll. A little rubbing and I continued on to finish climb 6 of 16.

What a great run. Despite no breakfast and no water during the 17.5-mile, 2 hr run I never tired. Six times I pushed hard up the hill and each hard run was faster than the last. Great run on the best hill I have to prepare for mountain running. The total climbing for the day was almost 2000 feet. I'll need many more days like this to adequately prepare for the Silver Rush 50.

After a quick meal and a change of clothes I climbed on the new Kestrel and rode a 32 mile hilly loop. I then rode the same loop again on Bruiser. Both rides involved much suffering due to the high winds and hills. I bonked with five miles to go on the second loop. Final training goal accomplished.

The primary goal of this BS was to log some time going up and down. The total vertical for the day was over 4500 feet. I know this is not sufficient for Silver Rush training, but it is a great start.

Tomorrow I rest on a charter bus as a accompany 22 high school seniors to West Virginia for a rafting trip on the New River. Right now I must pack a bag.

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