Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May's Numbers

Looking over the log it is easy to see that May was a transition month. Three long runs covered at least 21 miles while five rides went for more than 40. With the help of three BS's, the average training day grew to more than 2.5 hrs. Each week also contained speed/power sessions in both sports. These are huge numbers for me.

Running: 135 miles @ 6:50 mpm ave. and 142 HR ave. - long run topped out at 26.2 on May 30(62% BS!)
Cycling: 575 miles (Edited)@ 21 mph ave. and 132 HR ave. - long ride topped out at 60.5 on May 30 (46% BS)

I am most excited about the fact that the BS reached 6+ hours in May. That will grow to 8+ hours if the plan does not alter. Furthermore, the total run miles will (must) increase. How much? I don't know. In 2008 I hit 800 miles in 10 wks, running 3-4 times per week, in preparation for Pbville - with just a handful of rides. I am curious to know how much mileage I can handle and whether or not the cycling will be beneficial to the Silver Rush 50. I've read a few articles about ultra guys who claim a steady cycling load helped them achieve their goals while minimizing injury. I sure hope it helps me, because the Muncie preparation requires a lot of pedaling. Sixty-two percent of May's training time was devoted to cycling and that will only fall to about 50% if the plan is carried out as written.

Now, where are those hills? Gotta climb some hills!

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