Friday, July 16, 2010

The Last Recon Run

A few people have contacted me to tell me how miserable the weather is in Indiana.  That muggy death weather has returned in full force.  Hmmmm.  My skin is quite dry like the mountain air.  The sun is bright and warm on this cool, breezy, and cloudless day in the high country.  Yeah, the weather here is most desirable!  And it has been that way all week.  Now, just why is it that I should return?  Oh, yeah.  The job. . .  Maybe I can convince the family to stay and find work.  A boy can dream can't he?

I slept at the RAV high in Iowa Gulch last night after I returned from the Dillon Dam Brewery where I enjoyed a couple of fine brews and three hours of good music.  It was a Denver band called Ground Up.   The mix of guitar jazz and reggae beats was fun to listen to.  Funny, they covered Marley a few times and his music is currently playing in this cafe.

The run was measurably easier than yesterday's.  Starting just outside the hotel, I ran another 20 minutes at about 11,000 ft, but I ran on a section of the course that follows a gravel road.  That roadway was still littered with relatively large rocks and a some areas of embedded rocks, but it was much more runnable than all of the other sections of the course I've been on this week.  I ran up 1.25 miles, hitting the mile in 9:05 while climbing 300 ft.  The return mile was a casual 6:13.  Roadway was much easier to navigate than the section of trail I ran on yesterday. The outbound course goes down this section of road just before going down the steeper hill I ran yesterday. I can only hope that there will be enough left in my legs after the steep climb I completed yesterday to run smoothly over the uphill mile I ran today. 

Leadville's population has grown a lot in the last few days as hundreds of mountain bikers and runners, along with families and friends, have "ascended" upon the town.  Lots of crazy fit people who are about to tear their bodies apart.  I'm excited to be part of it.  Honestly, though, I really want to get on with it.  Idle time does not sit well with me.

Well, I'm off to the Breckenridge Brewery for a super burrito lunch.  The next post will be the race report.

Here's to keeping the blood inside the body!

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