Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mainly Some Pictures

End of the Brew Tour - Music and Great People

Just hit civilization and this wi-fi source (guess. . .) is actually already closed.  I want to write a nice entry for yesterday's experiences in Asheville, so I will write it later and enter tomorrow.  Today put the finishing touches on my legs.  Actually, the legs are now fatigued.  I put in 10+ mtn. trail miles that involved 1240 ft of climbing (including some K's on a logging road!) while hoofing it to and from waterfalls.  Then I put in an afternoon 31 mile ride on the BRP that included a 4.1 mile climb and total climbing of 4100 ft!  Time is short, so I'll download a few of the 100+ pics.  Jeremy - there are many more waterfall pics and even a few videos that I must learn how to deal with.  Enjoy.

Morning view from my room at the RAV!

Roaring Fork (80 ft)

Crabtree Falls (65 ft)

Also Crabtree

Linville Falls - stage 3


  1. Sounds like and looks like a great trip. Thanks for the updates!

  2. You must bring Kayla here. Many inspirational and romantic experiences to be had. Right now - awesome live music in Boone.