Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Recap Jan. 16-22

I've decided to start giving updates of my training.  Why?  Probably because a lot of people ask me what I am up to.  Also because the disclosure will help keep me focused on the preparation for the two 50-mile mountain runs planned for the summer.

Despite the trouble that imathlete had this past weekend, I was fortunate enough to be online (with this super fast Air!!) and was able to get into the San Juan Solstice 50 M run on June 18.  I am waiting for the Leadville crew to fix my problem on that site so that I can enter the Silver Rush 50 M again.  I have not made a decision about any other race this year.  There are many possibilities being thrown my way, including the a half in Marion IL in a few weeks, the Tom King Half in Nashville or the LBL 60 K on March 12, and the Leadville Marathon in July. Decisions, decisions . . .

Sunday 1-16
6 - 42 min. Easy stroll over relatively flat terrain in the snow around USI after the hilly threshold miles of the Snowflake race the day before.   Still feeling a lot of pain in the right leg and arm due to the fall on the ice last week.

Tuesday 1-18
6 - 40 min. Ran three miles of this at 6:10 pace in the snow to get the HR up near T zone.  Great run.  I love running in the snow.  Right knee still not 100%, but has normal range of motion.

Thursday 1-20
4 - 28 min. Another easy run in the snow and in the dark.  This running on trails in the snow after dark is  fun, but I know I am slowing down to minimize the risk after falling last week.

Saturday 1-22
Planned 18 miles, but I came down with some serious stomach problems at midnight.  Bug?  Food poisoning?  I'm not sure, but it kept me in front of a toilet for over 20 hours.  No fun and no run!

Week Total:  16 miles (1:50)

Simply not enough for 50 mile race preparation, even by my standards.  I've got to stay healthy so I can really push the envelope on the long run.

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