Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly Recap Feb. 20-26 The Flu Bug Bites

Friday 2-25
6 - 40:30  Yes, you read that right.  Sigh.  It is Friday and I almost enjoyed my first run in nearly a week.  The flu bug that was being carried into school day after day finally caught up with me.  And what a wicked little bug is was.  It kept my temperature above 103 for almost three days while imposing a vision-impairing headache. Catching bacterial and viral infections is a primary health drawback for teachers, especially teachers at schools like mine where the students insist on coming to school while they are sick.  Oh, well.

This a.m. run went well until I looked at my split after one mile.  7:08  Really!?  It certainly felt faster. As I normally do in such instances, I set my battle lines and picked up the pace a little.  The ambiance of this morning run around the near empty USI campus was as peaceful as normal.  The strain and effort of the run went mostly ignored until I looked at the watch after finishing.  As expected the HR was too high.  Battling a bug, and the sedentary life that accompanies that fight, results in a significant curtailment of  energy available for running. 

The fever returned by early afternoon, so I ended up in bed for more than 12 hours.

Saturday 2-26
13 - 1:24:01 All of that rest seemed to help a lot.  I still waited until late in the afternoon to run, though.  I was prepared to turn around within the first mile, but I was also hopeful that I would be able to complete a long run.  My highest ambition was to squeeze in some pace work in the second half of the run.  Goal accomplished.

Running long and running hard meant that I risked another night with a fever.  I chose to take that risk.  Because it is now Sunday afternoon and the fever has not returned, I am glad I took the risk.  That long/fast run took a lot out of me - more than it should have.  But I did not fall ill again.  Looking forward to a full week of running.

Weekly Total: 19 Miles (2:04:31)

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