Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rolling Along

It's been far too long between posts.  Things are going well for me lately.  The training has gone along quite well, despite Mother Nature's repeated attempts to flood my world.  My life has been busy and full as I have been wearing many hats, including those of track coach, robotics sponsor, and help session host while trying to fit in the training.

There have been no trips or races of note since the JD Oak Barrel Half last month.  My athletic endeavors have been limited to squeezing in all of my intended runs and half of my rides between rain storms.  That record month of rain put a damper on my cycling comeback.  That's OK.  I don't have any scheduled goals regarding pedaling until the end of the summer, and even that one is iffy.  My main goals for 2011 are still the pair of 50 milers I'll run in Colorado.

Reviewing my training log this morning I came to the conclusion that my training has gone well in the last month.  I am not super fit, but I have begun to build a solid running foundation for this summer.  Each week has seen me finish 100-140 minute runs at about 7-minute pace on hilly courses.  Each week has also included some solid pace work in running shoes and on the bike.  Again, the cycling is far from race worthy, but I am starting to push the pedals hard after only 15 rides since my forced six-month layoff.

What is next?  I will test my fitness on Saturday by throwing down a training run over the half marathon distance.  It should be interesting and I will certainly post about it on Sunday.  Then I will travel to Chicago to move Brandon home on May 13.  While there I intend to rise with the sun on the 14th and put in a long run on the lake shore pathway.  If life goes well, I will be able to log some long trail miles on the 15th. Then, hopefully, I will return to NC at the end of May to log some mountain miles in preparation for the San Juan Solstice 50 Miler.

Big runs with big vertical are coming.  I've got to get ready.  Meanwhile, this half marathon addiction is nearing a critical point.

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