Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CO San Juan Trip Mileage Report

I've been peppered with questions about the kind of mileage I was logging during the thirteen days I spent exploring the San Juan Range (and in Los Alamos). I shall start by saying the other two days were spent driving most of the 3,534 miles I logged in the RAV. Yes, I am getting an oil change for the second time in three weeks. And, yes, I am trying to rival Al Gore for oil consumption . . .

Running and Hiking miles: 138
Ascent/Descent feet - on foot: 32,200
Cycling miles:  111
Ascent/Descent feet - on bike: 11,300

I know these numbers are nothing to get excited about, especially from the perspective of those people who train big and or who live in the mountains. Furthermore, these totals pale in comparison to the fact that competitors in the Hardrock 100 will log 100 miles and almost 33,000 ft of ascent during a period of less than 48 hours!!! It is, however, a drastic change from the 15-20 miles per week I normally run. Plus, that accounts for over 20% of this year's cycling mileage. I can only imagine how many miles I would log if I lived in or near those mountains. By the way, those 32K feet of climbing would require 375 ascents of Stru Hill - borrrring.

On the topic of Hardrock, it looks like I will be pacing there next week. I am really excited about this opportunity, since I have thought about it several times over the years. More on that later.

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