Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back to "Normal" - Peeking Back

Five days have passed since I finished the Silver Rush 50. In that time I have experienced a speedy recovery. That recovery started well with a thorough massage and continued with a most uncommon, for me, fourteen hour sleep.

That recovery continued as I slacked my way through a couple more days in the Leadville area before taking a round-about and relaxed drive back to Indiana. Amazingly, the good sleeps continued for several days as I crashed for 7-10 hours through Thursday night. It would be SO nice to have that happen more often.

On Thursday I tested the legs with as easy a ride as the suffocating heat and humidity would allow. I covered 25 hilly miles at 20 mph while sweating like a high pressure washer. Love that new Lifetime Fitness (great slogan!!) cycling kit! I also planned to run in a 4K XC race on Thursday evening, but it was cancelled due to the heat threat. So, I stretched and slept instead.

Friday morning I shifted back into my normal training mode. I would normally have waited until Saturday, but watching the Tour fired me up and I went out and hammered my way through a very hilly 34 mile ride at 23 mph - again in full blown sweat mode. That effort felt good since I never really approached a hard enough effort to take me out of the comfort zone. Honestly, I am amazed at how great my cycling has gone with limited mileage this year.

Today I woke up early with intentions to put in my "normal" long run of 45-60 minutes. I ended up going 45 while throwing in a couple miles of pace work to test the legs. All good! That was followed by an hour ride that tested the cycling strength with a fifteen minute hard effort.  Again, all is good!!

That means that I have resumed the normal training/fitness mode that I have maintained for 21 years. I'll run 15-20 mpw for the remainder of the year while I will try to maintain 60-80 mpw on the bike as life permits. The consistent efforts over the last 25 years have been geared toward keeping the body fit and healthy.

What's next? I don't know. There a several notes written in my journal. Planning for a variety of traveling and racing adventures has begun, but I honestly don't know what I will do next. I can't sit idle for long. What are your plans? Are you putting effort into making your life full and varied? I hope so!!

I'll close this post out with a few more pics taken from the recent adventures. Enjoy! Dream! Do!

Cairn to Heaven?

Family in NM
Wildfire in NM
Where is money box?
UT near Moab
Arches NP

Funmobile  - sadly, not mine . . .

Curious breakfast companion
Noisy, annoying breakfast companion

Ball mtn opposite of sunset

Sun sets in the west while . . .

 . . . Moon rises in the east

New friends!!
This dude needs a lesson or two in safe foot travel - and a shower!
Ate many of these - YUM!

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