Thursday, July 28, 2011

Colorado Trail Hike

Each of the past five days has been partially devoted to studying the Colorado Trail. I have read trip reports, watched a number of trip videos, consulted the website and guidebook, and looked into a gear setup for such a trip.

At this point, I am convinced that I can complete the 485 mile journey from Denver to Durango in 14 days at an average of 34.7 miles per day. This is ambitious, I know, but I also believe that it is quite doable considering that I will certainly spend months conditioning my body for such a trip. I see the logistics involved in taking care of and being returned to my vehicle as problems that also need to be addressed.

I would gladly accept any input that experienced CT hikers have on this matter. Feel free to post information here on this blog or in an email to   Shane

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  1. Thanks to those who have reached me with information about their own experiences on the CT. I know how ambitious the 14 day goal is, but believe I can do it. If anyone has info or is willing to help out with getting me from end to car, I would certainly appreciate the help - and I am willing to pay for any gas/meals involved.