Monday, June 25, 2012

Passing Through the Tetons

Inspiration Point along the Cascade Canyon Trail
Upon leaving Yellowstone I drove south to Grand Teton National Park. This was my third visit to this ecologically diverse park and I envision going back whenever time and opportunity permit.

The Teton range creates a "wow!" effect because of its monolithic verticality. Surrounding that intense ruggedness are the billowy wildflowers of the lower mountain sides and valley, the crystal clear waters of several lakes, and the ever-present animal population. When absorbed by the senses, these factors create a landscape that is intoxicating, soothing, and, for people like me, adrenaline producing.

To satisfy my desires and to test my still healing feet, I chose to hike/jog up into Cascade Canyon. Starting from a lot along String Lake, I hiked around Jenny Lake until I reached the trail system going up into Cascade Canyon. Dozens of other "hikers" who had just ridden shuttle boats across the lake were on the trail at this point. As I moved further away from the lake and up into the canyon, the crowd thinned out.

I saw a bull moose resting under a tree near the site where I saw a cow and calf back in 2006 before a guided climb of the Grand Teton. Though I was nowhere near the end of the canyon, I turned back when the Polar RCX5 told me that I had traveled more than four miles from the car. What a nourishing hike this was!

Below are some pictures I took along the trail and on the roads. Enjoy them and make plans to visit this magnificent park.
Mount Moran
The shrouded Tetons
Looking southeast across Jenny Lake
Fire ravaged forest next to Jenny Lake
Trying to find my way . . .
Lake along Cascade Creek
Refueling at Snake River Brewing Company

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