Friday, December 28, 2012

Euclidean Snow Run

In the wee hours of December 26th a winter storm, dubbed Euclid, blasted its way through Southern Indiana on its way from the Gulf to the Northeast. It bore copious quantities of moisture that came as rain, ice, and snow. Just to the east and south of us the storm produced high winds, lightning, and threats of tornados - typical spring weather. That was where the warmer air prevailed.

Having gone to bed on Christmas with a light breeze as the only evidence of Euclid's existence, we were awakened just before dawn by howling winds and thundersnow. Thundersnow is eery. We are conditioned to hear almost nothing during a snow storm because snow quietly, almost politely, piles up while disrupting sound waves from surrounding sources.

The thundersnow I've encountered seems like a muffled, long lasting version of regular thunder. It is similar to normal thunder in that it is the sound of lightning occurring due to friction during the violent upheaval of warm air by cold and more dense air that quickly wedges its way under the warm air.

Euclid moved in quickly, producing lots of lightning and 40+ mph wind gusts. That wind created whiteout conditions for a couple of hours while Euclid laid down 6-18 inches of snow.

I will resist delving into our municipality's inability to handle such a snowfall, except for mentioning that most roads were impassible (and probably still are!).
Map from my awesome new Polar RC3 GPS!
So, on the 26th and 27th I miraculously found my way to USI where I ran through the woods on the USI campus and at Burdette Park. (The map only shows Greenway running, because I want people in those houses along the edges of the forests to keep believing in Sasquatch:) Though those who know me well will not believe it, I can proudly pass on that I only fell once in the snow. Of course, I fell hard in the parking lot before my run on Christmas morning.

No one else was there, so the only footprints were mine and those of the fauna. I carried a camera on the second and third runs. What follows are some of the photos I took as I plodded along the Greenway and several single track trails. Though I have run there thousands of times during the last three decades, I can only remember a couple of events that were as adventurous, invigorating, and eye pleasing.  Enjoy!

Trackless Greenway . . .
. . . bunny tracked Greenway

Love the windblown look, Mother Nature!
I wonder if his tootsies were cold . . .
Hated when they built that damned dam, but it is growing on me.

Alone :)
Not alone.
This made the tootsies cold!