Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Above Boulder

Though I've been to the Front Range and the megalopolis pressing against it several times, I wanted to seek out new activities on this trip. For exploration's sake. For fun. The region offers so many options that it was quite simple to accomplish this goal.

With the help of a couple of friends I was able to leisurely climb two peaks that I should have climbed years ago. Green Mountain and Mount Sanitas are staples in the local activity diet. Climbing either of them is like strolling around the block in other towns.

Neither climb was planned. They both happened because good hearted adventurous people made efforts to include me in their lives. For that I am most appreciative. Chris contacted me about a morning ascent of Green. Mark sent Chris a text asking about an evening ascent of Sanitas - just minutes into the Green climb. Chris responded with a picture of me in front of Green and the rest is internet history. Both climbs resulted in incredible views and meaningful conversations. My regrets are not being able to chat/climb with Misti (because of something she called "work") and not being able to do a fast climb on Green with Eric due to the climbing date with Mark. I want a rain check on that, Eric.

I also tried another brewery. Avery. Again, I should have been there earlier in life. I should have been there often. Great beer! Because I'm watching my figure, I kept to small glasses while I sampled distinctly different formulas. Those boys know what they are doing.

Another new-to-me experience was the Bhakti Chai with goat's milk at the Laughing Goat. This coffee/tea house on Pearl Street is a gem. I sipped on a uniquely spicy tea while a jazz quartet played on a stage at the rear. (Same thing is happening right now!) Sometimes I do these "new" things and I feel like I've been living in a bubble - a different bubble.

Anyway, here are a few of the pics from the day.

Avery delights
A knowledgable tour guide
Healthy combo - reading, writing, and . .  .
Ben Franklin would be proud.
Looking across Chautaugua Park meadow to
the Flatirons fronting Green's east slope
Looking down on the Boulder bubble
This mad beast is said to have drawn blood from
a local running star, but Chris was there to protect me
Chris leading Fred up the boulder trail
Cairn based summit plaque on Green -
Love these cheat sheets!
A fragment of the panorama beyond Green
We took it easy on Green
Just kidding - this a minute after topping Sanitas
Mark after the plummet off of Sanitas 
Is it me, or does he look better in CO?
Blogging with Bhakti 
Later - ST

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