Saturday, June 28, 2014

Passing Through Wyoming

This trip, reconfigured and redirected, turned northwest as I ventured from Boulder to the Bighorn mountains in northern Wyoming. The drive was absolutely serene. As custom on this journey, I stopped frequently and even took the bike out for a spin midway.

That ride took place on a great strip of super two lane asphalt north of Douglas. A wide and litter free, yes litter free, shoulder allowed safe travel through a gorgeous rolling countryside. And, though there were a number of trucks passing me along the way, I was always given a safe gap as the truckers steered their rigs well clear of me. Several of the approaching truckers even waved - with all of their fingers!

My arrival the the Idiot House near Sheridan brought me back to friends with mutual interests. Everyone had convened there to take part in the Bighorn 100 mile run. Me, I was a late addition to the party, so I had no formal tasks, but I made myself available for crewing and pacing. There were several runners and their crew/pacers at the house. Most were new to me, but our mutual interests allowed us to make fast friendships.

I followed along and pitched in a bit as the runners came through the Footbridge Aid station at miles 30 and 66. Their first visit on this out and back course came late in the hot afternoon and the second visit was early the next morning. This surfaced some intense memories of my 2012 BH100 finish. I must confess that it was fun to comfortably sip a brew, sleep a bit, enjoy a hot breakfast, attempt to run, and take a gentle thirty mile two-state bike ride while friends trashed their bodies and steeled their minds.

Yellowstone National Park was my next stop. I'll catch up on that in another entry. Most of the photos from that tranquil visit, and the stops since, were taken with a new camera. Unfortunately, I have been unable to load the software on this computer, so I will piece this trip together as best as I can and not necessarily in chronological order until the tech comes together. For now, here are some of the Wyoming photos from an old camera. ST

Rolling WY countryside near Douglas
The ride started near the North Platte River
Interesting geology in Wyoming

Blacktooth Brewing in an old Sheridan auto shop
Backcountry border en route to Footbridge
Footbridge aid station
Busy crews and pacers
Mountain pacers from IN
Kari looks great at 30 miles!
This 100 mile vet let her heart
rate dictate her pace
About ready for the 18 mile climb
A crew at work
This young lady had the right attitude
and finished her first 100 mile run
Back to footbridge after a nap
Much quieter aid station for mile 66
Still strong and energetic just after sunrise!
And they are off - Kari put Mr. Hardrock
in pain as she negative split a tough course
My two-state ride V800 data via Polar Flow
Storms rolled through as runners finished
Two days - two nails - same tire - only me
"We are made to persist. 
That's how we find out who we are."
- Tobias Wolf

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