Monday, January 16, 2012

A Pictorial Glance of 2011

I took hundreds of pictures while traveling and racing during 2011. A recent review of those pictures made me realize that there were many more shots that I could share. Enjoy!

Mt. Sterling Tower
How DO these get so mangled?

Getting High on Faith

Biltmore Estate
Great way to start a long run . . .
First Long Mountain Run of 2011 (So thirsty . . .)
Interesting Running
The Old Time Jam at Jack of the Wood
Jack Daniels Distillery, TN
Awesome Woodwork Inside JD
Jeremy and I With Prizes
Located a cooler for Uncle John to use at the reunion.
Ty graduates and immediately begins making wise choices.
Mt. Elbert, CO's Tallest Mtn
A Scene Above Lake City, CO
Lake San Cristobal in San Juan Mtns
Continental Divide Trail - 12,100 ft
Crash Site After San Juan Solstice 50
The SJS field locates the proper route through the meadow.
Tough three mile SJS climb - 2nd of four climbs
Smiling Tina - SJS Champ!
SJS on the Divide Trail
Snowstorm on Sneffels
Climbing Handies Peak with Hardrock Champ Diana Finkel
SJS Descent Victim - Still Black!
Snowy Route up 14ers Sunshine and Red Cloud
Red Cloud
Z Bar Pressure Chamber at 14K Feet.
Sunshine Summit - 14,001 ft
Dakota Jones hits Ouray midway to 2nd place at Hardrock
Joe Grant, SJS champ, with Tony Krupicka at Ouray in Hardrock
Matt Hart is served a meal a Ouray
Julien Chorier is the first to kiss the Hardrock in 2011
Kendall Mtn Run above Silverton
Along UT128 near Moab

Kristy and I were ridin' the storm out in Utah 

Arches NP

Kannah Creek Brewery - Amen
Always Majestic Mt. Elbert
Moonrise at Sunset

New friends Sergio and Robert finish SR50

PURDUE Football on family day.
Back home on sloppy USI trails 
CCC Wall on the AT 

 Cairn art from my Cairns For Life Series