Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Fire in the Smokies

Here are a few of the photos from a short mid-October trip to the mountains of North Carolina to view Fall colors. Fall in the Great Smokies means tranquil frost lined mornings that melt into diversely brilliant Fall foliage and that unmistakable misty sky.

The timing of this trip meant that the best color displays were seen above four thousand feet. It was at those higher altitudes that rustling mixtures of yellow maple and poplar leaves, red maple and sourwood leaves, and rusty browns of oak and sycamore leaves combined to create a fire-like effect that changed dramatically in hue as the illuminating sun moved across the sky.

Seeing, feeling, smelling, and hearing those magnificent mountains in the Fall allows me to recall the many trips I took with my sons as they grew from toddlers to teens. Those valuable memories, each and every one, add to the alluring aesthetics of the Smokies. Enjoy!
First stop produced a slow run up Mt. Sterling.
Looking north toward Bristol, TN

"I'll take your picture," he said.
"You'll want people to know how much this run hurt," he laughed
"Hey, are you that physics teacher from Indiana?"
Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Green Knob - overgrown overlook on the Knob

Don't these happen too fast?

Grandfather Mountain, NC
Sightseeing at 45 mph on a bike . . .

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